” St Baker extracts threads of light from ply and Alaia timbers, and extrudes images of such strength and detail, it makes one wonder what arts medium it is that she is working in. Her grainy and inky dark surfaces gently present images of almost 3 dimensional quality, eluding to the likenesses in the surface of wood, water or skin. The liquid grain and patinated movement of the timber become an integral part the figure’s form, capturing a certain pulsating and sensual surface tension.” Feature article Tropicsurf Magazine Annual 2015/16

“Developing this technique of extract drawing, for me, has been a joyful breakthrough. I have combined my passion for form and figurative representations in a way that provides me with a personal sense of freedom. Lineal and dot woodcut, combines my drawing, photographic, painting, sculpture and printmaking methodologies. My subjects revolve around water, life and the culture that surrounds me on the coast.

This is a very sensual medium, working in this way enables me to see from the surface of the subject right into the soul”        Jo St Baker

“It is an intimate and private experience when viewing the works in person” Photographer Tasha Mary: Clipshotts Queensland

Custom artworks are welcomed. Speak to Jo about doing something special for you.